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Baton Rouge State Fair Foundation

Baton Rouge State Fair Foundation Board

Greg Edwards

Greg Edwards

Stan Prutz

Stan Prutz

Vice Chair
Liz Mac

Liz Mac

Charles Plauche

Charles Plauche

Fred Burkett

Fred Burkett

Renee Chatelain

Renee Chatelain

Harvey Landry

Harvey Landry

R L Leger

R L Leger

Jay Martin

Jay Martin

Melissa Miley

Melissa Miley

Jimmy Williams

Jimmy Williams

Adam Knapp

Adam Knapp

Trey Godfrey

Trey Godfrey

Cliff Barton

Cliff Barton

Chairman, Greater Baton Rouge State Fair
Warren Wilson

Warren Wilson

Vice Chair, Greater Baton Rouge State Fair
Doug Gonzales

Doug Gonzales

Lifetime Member

Baton Rouge Zoo

The State Fair Foundation awarded $100,000 for improvements to the Children's Playground and educational signage at the Baton Rouge Zoo.

Several members of the Fair and Foundation boards are shown as they participate in the ribbon cutting ceremony on opening day of the Safari Playground, April 14, 2005
Zoo administrator shown with some Fair and Foundation members following the ribbon-cutting ceremony opening the Children's Playground at the Zoo.

Front row: Phil Frost, Zoo Director, Harvey Landry, Doug Gonzales, Cliff Barton; back row: David Broussard, J.H. Martin, Warren Wilson.
The Baton Rouge State Fair Foundation was formed in 1985. Through the foundation, profits from the GBRSF are given to the community in the form of Worthy Cause Grants. Over four million dollars has been returned to the community since 1987. 

Worthy Cause Grants

Thru June 2020

Academic Distinction Fund

Alzheimer’s Services

American Red Cross

Arthritis Association

Baton Rouge Eye Bank

B.R Fire Department – Children’s Training Trailer

B. R. General Foundation -- various

B. R. Speech & Hearing Foundation

B. R. Symphony LA Youth Orchestra

Big Buddy Program

Boy Scouts – Istrouma Area Council

Boys & Girls Club of Baton Rouge

Boys Hope Girls Hope of GBR

BREC - B. R. Zoo, The Fairgrounds, First Tee of EBR

Buster Brown Day (Annually, special needs children)


Cancer Services of Greater Baton Rouge

Career Compass of LA

CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates)

Catholic Charities, Shoes for Schools

Catholic High School


Cerebral Palsy Foundation

Children’s Advocacy Center

Community Fund for the Arts

Crisis Intervention Center

Cystic Fibrosis Association


Dreams Come True

EATEL/GBRSF Speech and Hearing Grant

Episcopal School of Baton Rouge

Folds of Honor Foundation

GBRSF High School Volunteer Scholarships in East BR, West BR, Ascension, Livingston, East & West Feliciana, Pointe Coupee, St. Helena

Greater B. R. Food Bank

Girl Scouts

Health Care Centers in Schools
Hospice Foundation

Junior Achievement

Kids Kove Playground, Gonzales

LA Arts & Science Museum


LA Lupus Foundation

LA Maternal and Child Health Coalition

LA Pediatric Cardiology Foundation

LA Resource Center for Educators

LA Special Olympics

LSU Ag School Annual Scholarship in honor of George Simoneaux

LSU Textile & Costume Museum

McMains Children’s Development Center

Mary’s House of Bread

Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center

Montgomery Center School

Muscular Dystrophy Assn.

Our Lady of the Lake Foundation- various

People to People

Playmakers of Baton Rouge

Race for the Cure

Red Cross

Redemptorist High School

Refined By Fire Ministries-Prison Program

Sacred Heart School

Salvation Army


St. Paul Adult Learning Center

St. Vincent de Paul Center – Pharmacy

St. Vincent de Paul – Uniforms for Kids, 23 years

Teach for America

VIPS (Volunteers in Public Schools)

Woodlawn & Tara Jr. ROTC


Youth Oasis

For information contact:

Baton Rouge State Fair Foundation

P. O. Box 80137

Baton Rouge, LA 70898


Worthy Cause Grant Information


The Greater Baton Rouge State Fair and Trade Show was founded in 1964 in order to fund community service projects of the Baton Rouge Jaycees. The Baton Rouge State Fair Foundation became the parent organization of the Fair in 1985 and took responsibility for the distribution of Fair profits at that time. Total funds disbursed to the community since 1987, including Fair contracts with nonprofit organizations and payments to BREC, are more than $4,000,000.

The objective of the Foundation's Worthy Cause Program is to promote educational, cultural, and other opportunities for children and young people in the greater Baton Rouge area who have demonstrated achievement or who may be in need. This is done by funding projects sponsored by non-profit volunteer organizations. Members of the Fair Board also review Worthy Cause Program grant applications.


The grant applicant must be a nonprofit volunteer organization serving the greater Baton Rouge area and must demonstrate that it manages its operations efficiently. The proposal must show how the project furthers the objective of the Foundation's Worthy Cause Program and that the proposed project can achieve its expected results.

At the conclusion of the funded project, the Foundation requires successful grant applicants to submit both financial and narrative reports on the use of its grant and the impact that the grant may have had on the community it serves.

Grant applications must follow the format outlined in the following pages. Applicants should submit an original and one copy of the completed proposal (including attachments and supporting material), stapled but not bound, to:

Baton Rouge State Fair Foundation
Worthy Cause Program

P.O. Box 80137
Baton Rouge, LA 70898

For additional information, please email Greg Edwards at gedward5@bellsouth.net

Baton Rouge State Fair Foundation
Worthy Cause Program
Grant Application Outline

Part One: Project Information

Name of the Project.

Amount of Grant Request.

Contact Person:
Name, address, phone number, e-mail, title. Volunteer or staff?

Purpose of the Project.
Why is the project needed? What is the community to be served? How will the project meet the stated need? Include measurable goals and objectives.

Summary of the Project.
Include a history of the project, if any, as well as an outline of the current plan to conduct the project, including dates.

What are the plans for publicity for the project? How will the Foundation be included in that publicity?

Include an outline of income and expenses. Highlight what portion of the income will come from this grant. Identify other sources of income for the project: self-generated funds, support from the sponsoring organization, other grants (both pending and approved), United Way, public funds, etc.

What are the names, assignments, and qualifications of persons responsible for managing the project? Are these people volunteers or staff? How many other volunteers and staff will be involved in the project?

Outline the plan for evaluating the project at its completion.

Summary Statement:
How will this project promote the stated objective of the Foundation's Worthy Cause Program?

Part Two: Sponsoring Organization

Name of the Sponsoring Organization.
Include address, phone number, email.

Contact Person:
Name, address, phone number, e-mail, title. Volunteer or staff?

Organization Narrative.
What is the purpose (or mission statement) of the organization? How many members? How many volunteers? How many staff? Identify any local, state, or national affiliations. Include a brief history of the organization along with an overview of current programs and activities.

Financial Information.
Attach a copy of the financial statement for the organization's most recently completed fiscal year. Attach a copy of the organization's current annual budget. Identify sources of income: fund-raising, dues, grants, United Way, public funds, etc. Identify what portion of the organization's budget is dedicated to the project under consideration. Identify what portion of the total budget goes for overhead and staff.

Attach a list of the organization's Board of Directors, a description of the terms of office and the rotation schedule for the Board.

Nonprofit/Tax-exempt Status.
If available, attach a copy of the organization's Articles of Incorporation showing nonprofit status. If applicable, attach a copy of the IRS notice stating that the organization is tax-exempt or a copy of a fiscal agent's 501(c)(3) notice with a letter from the fiscal agent stating its willingness to serve.

Authorization Statement.
Attach a resolution, properly signed and executed, of the sponsoring organization's Board of Directors authorizing the grant request, stating its commitment to conduct the project if funded, and agreeing to comply with the Foundation's requirement for accounting and narrative reports at the conclusion of the project.

Supporting Material.
Include any statistical data, published reports, brochures, news articles, etc. which may be applicable to the grant application. Information about both the project and/or the sponsoring organization is appropriate.

Part Three: Project Evaluation (to be submitted at the conclusion of the project)

Project Narrative.
Describe the execution of the project. Did it go as planned? Were there any unforeseen obstacles? If so, how were they overcome? Did the project meet its stated goals? Why or why not? How can the project be improved in the future?

Project Impact.
How did the project impact the community it was designed to serve? Is it worth doing again?

Financial Statement.
Submit a detailed financial statement on the project.

Ancillary Material.
Include brochures, photos, news articles, etc. regarding the project.
Send to:

Baton Rouge State Fair Foundation
Worthy Cause Program

P.O. Box 80137
Baton Rouge, LA 70898

Email: Greg Edwards
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